Strawberry + Original Yogurt Set
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Itibiti Strawberry Yogurt + Itibiti Original Yogurt Sheetmask Set

Get Korea's favorite yogurt masks in this duo set!  Yogurt contains moisturizing extracts and nutritional mask pack.  Yogurt contain lactic acid, bacteria, fermented extract, to cultivate a soft, moist skin supplying moisture and nutrition to give tired skin. Adenosine ingredient helps to improve wrinkles.

Itibiti Strawberry Yogurt Mask

  • Restores shines and elasticity
  • Includes strawberry extract high in Vitamin C

Itibiti Yogurt Mask

  • Wrinkle-improving functional cosmetics 
  • Lemon, pomegranate, apple, and fruit extracts for smoother and more supple skin. 

Expires January 2020+



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