Premium Amino Eye Serum
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Ettusais Premium Amino Eye Serum

  • Medicated anti-aging eye serum that provides luminous baby smooth skin.
  • Contains 3 kinds amino acid, hyaluronic acid, collagen, royal jelly extract, glycerin, and more.
  • There is a massager head for "cool down" and promotion of blood circulation performance.
  • No fragrance.

Ettusais Premium Amino Eye serum accompanies a kneading device for focused brightening, giving you splendid, clear eyes. It contains sedated brightening fixings vitamin C subsidiary and vitamin E subordinate, in addition to lotion Amino Premium Seven to handle the almost negligible differences, dryness, and uneven skin surface that intensify the presence of the eyes. With the back rub, it includes a saturating veil impact that capacities as an obstruction to help your eyes turn out to be clear and splendid.

How to use:

Apply each morning and evening. Squeeze out some serum, and gently glide the massager around the eyes, taking care to avoid direct contact with the eyes. Then, blend in the serum with your ring finger.  



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