Line Friends Edition Brown Micro Bubble Foam (Lotus Seed)
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Missha Line Friends Edition Sally Micro Bubble Foam (Green Tea Seed)

This whitening foam cleanser is formulated with Lotus Seed, which can be used for any skin type. It helps brighten skin tone. Its dense and fine bubbles can deep clean pores gently and effectively removes impurities to promote fresh and clean skin. After washing the face, skin feels moisturized. 

Multiple Effects:

  • Brightening Skin: Lotus seed nutrients instantly whiten skin during washing face.
  • Gentle Cleansing: Rich bubbles help clean the face without irritating skin.
  • Eliminate Impurities: With the natural cleansing power Soapberry, remaining makeup and impurities can be removed effectively.

    Volume 250ml


    Missha Line Friends Brown Micro Bubble Foam Cleanser Lotus Seed

    How to use:

    Pump 3-4 times and gently roll bubble on wet face, rinse off with lukewarm water thoroughly.


    Main Ingredients:

    Lotus Seed: Whitening skin during face washing

    ✔Soapberry: High cleansing power for a fresh and clean skin 



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