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Jayjun Anti Dust Duo Set
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Jayjun Anti Dust Therapy & Anti Dust Whitening Set

Try both of these new Jayjun Anti Dust masks in this set! Includes one of each:

Jayjun Anti Dust Therapy Set

Step 1 Jayjun Anti Dust Fresh Foam Cleanser:

  • It is a soft-textured cleanser that thoroughly removes air pollutants, fine dust and makeup residue stuck on your face with tiny bubbles and supplies ample moisture to prevent dryness.

Step 2 Jayjun Anti Dust Therapy Mask:

    • It gives you firm and clear skin by soothing irritated skin from external harmful environment and by strengthening the skin barrier.

    Step 3 Jayjun Anti Dust Intensive Cream:

    • The nice cream texture helps it to easily sink into the skin and sooth irritated skin from harmful external environment and it keeps the skin hydrated by creating a moisture barrier on the skin.

    Jayjun Anti Dust Whitening Set

    STEP1 Jayjun Anti Dust Luminous Mask
    The skin soothing active ingredients included in this skin-brightening mask pack, seep deep into the skin and make the tired skin from fine dust look lively and clean and the skin brightening ingredient Niacinamide brightens up the skin. 

    STEP2 Jayjun Anti Dust Luster Ampule
    It is a sleeping pack highly enriched ampule that helps with skin brightening by lightening the color of melanin in the skin and makes the skin smooth and shiny 

    STEP3 Jayjun Anti Dust Eyes Under Corrector
    It is a skin brightening and wrinkle care double-functional cosmetic that brightens up the dark skin around the eyes and by delivering nutrients deep into the skin, it makes the eye area tight

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