Healing Mask Pack - Red Ginseng
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NOHJ Healing Mask Pack - Red Ginseng (Nutrition)
  • Improves skintone and helps to recover damaged skin
  • 5-FREE (synthetic preservatives, minerals, animal components, benzophenone, mineral oil ) 

The mask is recommended for recovery of damaged skin, improves skin tone and texture, elasticity and firmness. Active ingredients restore mineral and vitamin balance of the skin, neutralize free radicals.Contains essence prepared from 30 kinds of natural extracts.Gold extract improves skin penetration of other components vitamins, vegetable extracts. It accelerates skin cell division. Increases vitality, stimulates regenerative functions of the body, increases resistance to various diseases, enhances cell regeneration. Centella asiatica extract has a strong anti-inflammatory and wound-healing and tonic effect. regenerates skin cells. It improves skin condition. Bifidobacteria promotes the process of regeneration and recovery, improve skin immunity and activate the resources of the epidermis.

Sheetmask tencel material:


  • Natural pulp technique 100% cotton with high absorption giving high heat and cool texture.
  • Nature derived cellulose tencell material mask pack prevents earth damage.
  • Clean material to provides moisture shield with no chemicals and preservatives.

    How to Use:

    1. On freshly cleansed face, apply toner then apply mask
    2.  Leave on for 20 minutes.
    3. Take off and pat essence into skin.


    Ginseng, green tea, Centella asiatica, bamboo extract, tea tree, wheat germ, blueberry, lemon, tomato, Galactomyces ferment filtrate, Bifida ferment lysate, 24K gold purity 99.9%, lavender water



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