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Cleansing Foaming Nets (Various Types)
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Foaming nets are a common beauty tool used in Asia! It is believed that it is best to wash your face without using any contact with your hands!  How can this be possible? It is possible with these mesh nets! 

Facial cleanser bubble foaming net helps minimize skin trouble and irritation that can result from using hands to lather when washing face.

These foaming mesh nets help form creamy bubbles (beyond what your hands can lather up).  This net will generate 3 to 5 times as many bubbles than hands for the same amount of cleanser used!  It comes with a plastic ring hook on top for easy hanging in bathroom.

There are 2 sizes so you can choose based on your preference :

a) Standard size with no Sponge, comes with ring for easier and better bubble creation

b) Shorter Size with Multi Color Sponges to help create bubbles faster

How to Use:

  1. Wet foaming net
  2. Pour a small amount of face wash cleanser (gel cleansers or foam cleansers) into the foaming net
  3. Place ring of the net onto a finger for steady hold
  4. Rub net between both hands to create creamy rich lather
  5. Squeeze lather from the ring to the heads to put the bubbles into your hands
  6. Put bubble lather onto your face and gently rub the bubbles around your face to cleanse the face.
  7. After cleansing, don't forget to thoroughly clean off cleanser off foaming net to keep it clean too.


Note: This is non-refundable due to sanitary purposes.  



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