Cleansing Lotion (Cleansing Water)
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Chulala Cleansing Lotion / Cleansing Water 300mL

  • Thin Cleansing water to thoroughly clean skin
  • All skin types, especially oily skin, acne prone and sensitive skin

 Cleansing Lotion from Okinawa, Japan contains coral water with abundant minerals, Kume Island’s deep ocean water and three enzymes including papain enzyme. The product promotes healthy skin cell turnover by quickly removing makeup and unwanted sebum and by thoroughly moistening skin.   The texture is very thin similar to a cleansing water.  

How to Use: 
Press the pump 2-6 times to place cleansing lotion on a cotton pad and apply thoroughly to remove makeup quickly and gently. Leave the cleansing lotion around the eyes for a few seconds in order for it to absorb the makeup. Then remove the makeup. Rinse off the cleansing lotion using cool or lukewarm water depending on your preference. Then apply other lotion, etc.


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