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Cat Ears Headbands
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Cat Ears Headband (Various Colors)

Available in White/ Cream/ Grey/ Black with Pink Ears.  

This headband is a useful and CUTE way to help keep the flying hair out of the way while you wash up or mask! 

How to Use:

  1. Pull headband around head down to your neck.  The pink side of ears should be facing inside towards your face and pointing downwards towards your neck.
  2. Pull headband up from your neck upwards to pull loose hairs back (the ears will still be hanging upside down with the pink side inwards)
  3. Once headband is fully on hairline, flip/fold the band on the inseam so that the ears sit up correctly.  
  4. Adjust ears and headband as necessary.
Note: This is non-refundable due to sanitary purposes.  



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