Black Collagen Pact SPF50+, PA+++
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VT Black Collagen Pact SPF50+, PA+++

  • Anti-aging: Helps to delay skin aging, evens skin tone and nourishes youth vitality. At the same time, repairs skin and increases luster and elasticity.
  • Concealing: With just one touch, it can fill fine lines, modifies blemishes and adjusts skin tone to create a perfect make-up finish that is bright, light and non-sticky.
  • Sunscreen effect: It has SPF50+/PA+++ sunscreen efficacy, with whitening, anti-wrinkles effects, to protect the skin.
  • Available in no. 21 & no. 23

Applying black essence while applying makeup is a new trend? Yes! The popular VT Black Collagen Pact made this breakthrough possible.  Korean beauty brand VT specially infuses Oligo HA, collagen, Black Collagen Complex (black caviar, black pearl) essence into the pact to draw a black marble pattern with a unique style. With high concealing effect, it can also anti-aging, increases skin elasticity and luster. With just one touch, you can create a flawless finish that solves dullness problems and restore your youthful look!

 VT Black Collagen Pact | Korean Makeup | Shop Amabie

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How to Use:

Press the puff into the pact lightly. Pat the product lightly onto skin.

Main Ingredients:

Oligo HA: Rejuvenate the skin 

Black Collagen Complex(Black Caviar, Black Pearl Powder, Purple Sea Urchin Collagen, Ginseng Collagen, Beta Glucan: to make skin more elastic and look younger



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