Amino Micro Mousse (Serum)
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Ettusais Amino Micro Mousse (Serum)

  • Enhances blood circulation, activates cells and improves pores
  • Suitable for acne prone and oily skin types

This is a revolutionary all in one serum to activate deep cleansing and minimizing pores. The micro carbonated bubbles will burst and permeate through the skin while moisturizing ingredient, Amino Premium 9 will lead to pore-less skin. This is a foam type serum that easily enters pores, promoting blood circulation with hand pressing/patting massage to enhance the permeation of moisturizing ingredients. With a hydrating texture, you could use only this one product after face wash.

How to Use:
Use it after cleansing (and toning). Press some in palm and gently massage your face which helps to refine pores, moisturizes and improves skin metabolism for healthy glow. 




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