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Hello! My name is Katrina and I'm the founder of Amabie!  I'm from New York and moved to Asia 4 years ago.  Though I had been exposed to and used Asian skin care my whole life, I really started to dive deep into learning and understanding more about Asian skin care during my time living and traveling around Taiwan, Korean and Japan when I moved here in 2014.

My team and I first started beauty review website Amabie.com to help bring a community of Asian Beauty (AB) and Korean beauty (Kbeauty) lovers together to share their honest thoughts on all types of Asian beauty products.  We're proud that this website continues to grow with more than 21k Asian beauty reviews and help readers in their purchasing decisions around the world!

Now we've created this store to bring you some of the best in Asian skin care! Our launch includes favorites in Korean skin care, Japanese skin care and Taiwanese skin care products. 

*** We have done hours and hours of extensive research and testing to approve all of the skin care products in our store.  They have overall positive reviews and results by our team of beauty consultants, beauty bloggers and various users from Asia and all over the world. *** 

We hope we can bring you skin care and products that you will like, enjoy and genuinely benefit from.

Trust that ALL of our products are 100% authentic. We only buy directly from the brand or authorized distributors.

We believe in HONEST reviews! Please help the community by sharing your results and help us improve our curation. If you could kindly leave a detailed product review on ShopAmabie.com, we would greatly appreciate it!

We are committed to Customer Service!

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Please contact us with feedback about your experience and how we can improve! :) 

If you have a special request for an item not listed on our site, please let us know.  We offer personal shopping completely for free. 

Feel free to join us on Instagram @shopamabie and @amabiebeauty to see what we and our followers have to say!

Daily Inspiration: Kind people are the best kind of people.

Have a lovely day!

 -- Katrina



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