Rewards Program

Welcome to Amabie Rewards!

    Shopping can be rewarding in more ways than one! That's why we want to give you points for shopping with us, which can lead to DISCOUNTS (yay!).  Those with major shopping addictions can understand how truly useful reward points can be!  Now you can buy even more Korean skin care and Taiwanese beauty products and at a discount :)

    How to Access & See Your ShopAmabie Reward Points:

    To earn points and redeem them, make sure to register and sign into your account.  After you sign in, click on the rewards widget to earn or redeem points!

    Here's how you can EARN points:

    1. Log in

    2. Look for this rewards button (you can find it as a floating tab on mobile)

    3. Click rewards button to open

     Reward Points | Korean Skin Care | Taiwanse Beauty | Shop Amabie

    4. How you can earn rewards (you must click through the buttons to get the credit):

    • + 200 points - Sign up for an account
    • + 2x points - for every $1 you spend at our store
    • + 400 points - refer a friend
    • + 50 points - Your birthday
    • + 25 points - Follow our instagram @shopamabie
    • + 25 points - Like our facebook @amabiebeauty
    • + 25 points - Share our site on Facebook
    • + 25 points - Share on twitter



    You will receive 10 points as a verified buyer for leaving a product review after you've used it. 

    • Your review must be at least 1 sentence (10 words) and in English.
    • You must be a verified buyer from our store / the product must be purchased from our shop.
    • Points will be manually awarded after review is assessed by our team. 
    • Please note this does not include reviews for accessories or clearance items (to clarify: no points are awarded for these reviews). 
    • As per our policy, these reviews will be shared on our sister site 

    Please be patient for when we add the points, if you need us to review it immediately, please contact us.  Thank you! ** 

    You can also check your points rewards balance:

    Reward Points | Korean Skin Care | Taiwanse Beauty | Shop Amabie

    How to Refer a Friend:

    In the rewards widget and click into "Refer a friend" and you will receive a referral code like in this photo.  Share it with your friends and receive 400 points for when they make a purchase!  You can then redeem your 400 points for $10 off your next order of $50!


    Here's how you can SPEND the points (be sure to log in first):

    200 points - $5 off coupon for orders over $50

    400 points - $10 off coupon for orders over $50

    500 points - $15 off coupon for orders over $50

    600 points - $20 off coupon for orders over $50

    After you redeem, you will see this notification afterwards with your coupon code to be used at any time.

    Reward Points | Korean Skin Care | Taiwanse Beauty | Shop Amabie

    ** If your points are not showing up in your account, please contact us immediately so we can adjust it.  We apologize in advance for this inconvenience.

    Hope you enjoy all the rewards and the future discounts! 

    Happy Shopping!




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