Texture Mud Mask Variety Set
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NOHJ Texture Mask Mud Mask Variety Set

Try all 4 varieties of NOHJ Mud Masks!  Set includes:

NOHJ Anti-Pore Texture Mask Pack Green Tea Mud Mask


  • Green tea ingredients to control sebum
  • Mud extracts to absorb dirt and impurities
  • Provides oil and moisture balance

NOHJ Calming Texture Mask Pack Tea Tree Mud Mask 


  • Contains tea tree to treat sensitive skin and balance sebum
  • Contains mud extract to absorb dirt and remove impurities
  • Organized neatly into NOHJ diary

NOHJ Lustre Texture Mask Pack Cucumber Mud Mask 

  • Provides bright skin and vitality for uneven skin with lemon extract and cucumber extract.
  • Treat dead skin for brighter and clearer skin complexion.
  • Removes pore impurities and balance sebum, contains mud extract
  • Prevents skin stress and treats pores for skin moisture balance
  • Moisture/nutrition cellulose tencel mask sheet gives moisture fit for deep skin hydration.

NOHJ Moisture Texture Mask Pack Aloe Mud Mask 

  • Contains skin soothing aloe and fresh moisture rich plant extract
  • Mud extract removes impurities from pores
  • Prevents skin stress and balances moisture in skin
  • Cellulose tencel mask gives moisture fit for deep skin absorption


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