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Tattoo Tint Pack (Deep Brown)
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Cathay Doll Tattoo Tint Pack #4 (Deep Brown)

  • Tint Tattoo Brow gel
  • 3-7 days long lasting
  • Thin flim to create a natural look.

Easy eyebrow designing in a magic tint pen that dries up instantly after application. This long-lasting effect provided by the 4 - tip magic pen helps to make your eyebrow look beautiful and neat within a minute! This is suitable for anyone with messy and thin eyebrow. Its tint texture helps to make your eyebrow look natural and blends itself with your real eyebrow color perfectly.

Moreover, it adheres onto your skin effectively without staining even when coming into contact with water or your own sweat during the day. It delivers a defined perfect eyebrow like creating a 6 dimensional eyebrow tattoo!!

How to use:

Gently apply onto your eyebrow  to draw a beautiful, neat and natural eyebrow line from the inner corner to the outer corner. Should only be used when your eyebrow is dry.





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