Tea Tree Purifying Essential Oil
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NARUKO Tea Tree Purifying Essential Oil 10ml

This Purifying Essential Oil speaks specially for oily and acne skin! With addition of 2% anti-acne salicylic acid at the maximum (mediacal) concentration limited by the Department of Health (DOH), it helps clear pores and stop acne annoying skin for fast clean of acne; and with extra addition of 15% high concentration of tea tree essential oil, skin-soothing & caring Phytoferulin and crabapple seed oil, it completely ends acne annoying. It is professional for youth only, creating acne free skin through reasonable control of acne.

Anti bacteria
High Density 15% of Tea Tree Essential Oil
Attacks acne-causing bacteria, prevents acne generation, and stops acne getting worse and spreading the affected area.

Skin-soothing and Caring
Phytoferulin + crabapple seed oil
Focusing on the common discomforts in late period of acne, it tries best to soothe and repair the annoyed skin for the really fast clean of acne !

Fighting Acne
2% medicated salicylic acid at the maximum density limited by the Department of Health (DOH)
Improves Cuticle-renewal and blocks acne generation, clears pores and cleans acne inside, shortens the acne cycle and lightens the embarrassment of pox flowers, making you recover the flawless translucent skin.

Effective and Professional for Acne
Tea Tree Purifying Essential Oil acts as a real acne-healing essential oil without irritation. With active ingredients of high density concentration, direct function and pure formula, killing completely the acne. Refreshes the oily acne-annoyed skin and recovers your skin to youthful flawless appearance.

How to Use:
After morning and night clean, apply appropriate amount evenly to the acne area, or blend with any tea tree products for optimum effects.

All types of skin. It is especially recommended for the skin annoyed by oil, coarse/ enlarged pores and acne.

Please don't use the skin-caring products of high concentration density at the same time. (Such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Mandelic acid, Salicylic acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), etc.)



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