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Natural Cocoon Blackhead Remover Silk Finger Balls
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Blackhead Remover Silk Finger Balls

  • Purifying & Exfoliating to remove dead skin cells, whiteheads and blackheads 
  • Silkworm Natural Cocoon Silk make skin smooth

This 100% natural silk cocoon fingerball removes old blackhead and sebum. It contains natural protein Sericin for sensitive skin types. Easy and convenient. Usage for deep cleansing. This blackhead remover is affordable and economical for skin care routines.  The natural silk cocoon clarifies the skin and help with skin refinement.

How to Use:

  1. Soak the finger ball in lukewarm water for 2~3 minutes. 
  2. Put softened ball on your finger and massage blackhead area, such as nose.
  3. Wash the waste came out with finger ball with water. 


100% natural silk


1) There is something on the silk finger ball:
Do not worry and wash it off with water! It may be residue as the silk finger balls are 100% obtained from nature. 
2) The shape of the silk finger balls are irregular: 
The size and shape are irregular because it's from natural cocoons. 
3) The color of the silk finger ball is different: 
The color may vary due to the natural cocoons.



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