Jayjun x Drew Barrymore

Jayjun x Drew Barrymore

Announcement: Drew Barrymore x Jayjun Masks!!

Jayjun x Drew Barrymore Sheet Masks

When it comes to beauty products obsession, Drew Barrymore is a beauty junkie queen. With her own beauty line, Flower Beauty, she also takes time to shower us with her beauty and skincare obsession on social media time and her #shefleis (which are shelves of her hoarding makeup and skin care products). 

Drew Barrymore established her own beauty brand called Flower Beauty in 2013. In the interest of learning and improving her beauty line, Drew recently had a research trip to Asia. She, not only, has picked up more than knowledge and insight, but she also found a new beauty addiction while in Korea.   

As a lover of a good face mask, Barrymore says she found this JAYJUN 3 Steps Baby Pure Shining Mask ( a K-beauty mask that brightens, moisturizes and soothes dry skin).  "Korean masks—specifically the company JAYJUN. They have three-step masks that tend to work in the most amazing ways. They're profound. Changed my life."

 Drew Barrymore Jayjun Korean Sheet Mask


Source: Instagram.com/drewbarrymore



 “The biggest game changer is, no question, Korean beauty. You get all this amazing moisturizing without the oil. I’ve used really expensive products and really inexpensive products, and most moisturizers break me out. The Korean masks have changed my life. The one I love the most is Jayjun Baby Pure Shining Mask. When I take it off, I look like I got out of a facialist appointment.“ – Drew Barrymore


Drew Barrymore loves and respects skin and partnering with skincare experts Jayjun combines technology, knowledge and skincare passion! Her constant adoration of the product, in all likelihood, played a role for her latest collaboration with Jayjun.  The collaboration sheetmasks are all all three steps masks, as well. 

Jayjun x Drew Barrymore Masks


Jayjun x Drew Barrymore More than Seanol Wrinkle Care Sheet Mask: “Skin energy presented by the sea” - a 3 Step Sheet Mask with Ecklonia cava extract for anti-aging benefits.  

Jayjun Drew Barrymore More than Seanol Sheet Mask | Korean Skin Care


Jayjun x Drew Barrymore More than Nutrition Brightening Mask “Skin nutrition presented by super grains” - this 3 step Sheet mask contains rice gran, black bean oil, and lentils to brighten the skin.  

Jayjun More than Nutrition Brightening Sheet Mask | Korean Skin Care


Jayjun x Drew Barrymore More than Green-Tox cleans sheet mask “Skin vitality presented by nature” with lemon, spinach, and broccoli to cleanse and provide the skin with nutrition. 

Jayjun x Drew Barrymore More than Green Tox Sheet Mask


Gorgeous packaging. Impressive arrangement of cleansers, serums, eye creams, masks, and cream.   You can now find these Jayjun x Drew Barrymore sheetmasks available at our Korean skin care shop!  

Are you excited for this new line?


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